Customised Supplements

These customised supplements are now available at Thomson Lifestyle Centre.

Anti-Aging & Wellness Supplements:

Lifestyle Supplements

  • Men’s Vitality Formula

Provides your body with optimal amounts of essential nutrients so that it can function and repair effectively, while also helping to balance male hormones naturally. This unique herbal formulation also helps to maintain body fat composition, physical & sexual vigour, prostate health and also prevents hair loss in males.

  • Women’s Wellness Formula

Provides your body with essential nutrients to help balance female hormones naturally. This herbal formula, specially customized by our physician, will help women to maintain firm muscle tone and a radiant skin complexion, as well as sustain healthy sexual function, feelings of wellness, heart and bone health.

  • Stress Support Formula

Provides natural nutrients and herbs to help combat feelings of stress, as well as the invisible stresses that happen at the cellular level. This special physician’s formula will relief the damaging effects of chronic stress on your body and promote emotional wellbeing and optimal cellular repair so that you can remain energetic and youthful.


Weight Loss Supplements:

  • Appetite Control Formula

Provides natural compounds that curb the appetite and manage emotional factors that makes one snack. Experience a greater sense of control over your desire to eat, especially between meals, with this unique physician’s formula. With this supplement, you can avoid excessive calorie intake and maintain a healthy body weight. (Optimize the effectiveness of this formula by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.)

  • Weight Control Formula

Provides a unique combination of natural compounds to combat fat accumulation by regulating the way carbohydrates and fats are absorbed and stored in your body. By taking this customized formula with your heavy meals, it will help you to lose weight naturally and to keep excess weight off as an integral part of a science-based weight management program. (Optimize the effectiveness of this formula by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.)

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