Anti-Aging Hormone Screening Package

Healthy Hormone Screen … More than just Health Screening

Optimize cellular function and wellbeing as you Age

Aging is inevitable, it is a process that we cannot avoid, but we can certainly strive to prevent and delay aging’s damaging effects.

Anti Aging Medicine, through optimization of cellular function and prevention of cellular aging, strives towards the goal of “Healthy Aging”, by delaying or minimizing the physical frailty and mental deterioration associated with the normal aging process.

We all want to live longer. But living longer does not necessarily mean a better quality of life, if we are struck down by crippling chronic diseases or frequent illness.

We want to remain active, independent and productive, as we age.

Common Effects of Ageing and Hormone Imbalance:

  • Decline in physical vitality.
  • Loss of strength, muscle mass & increasing obesity.
  • Decline in sex drive, erection & vaginal lubrication.
  • Pre Menstrual & Menopausal symptoms
  • Decline in mental well being.
  • Brain fog & difficulty concentrating.
  • Anxiety, loss of confidence & depression.
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis & general organ function deterioration.

Our hormone screening packages includes investigations of various hormonal deficiencies, key nutrient levels, inflammatory markers and a general health screening.  Relevant recommendations and interventions to delay this ageing process will be made following review of the results.

An essential component to ensuring healthy aging is to maintain an ideal weight by consuming optimal nutrition without overeating; to exercise regularly and to manage stress levels.

With appropriate hormone optimization and neutraceutical supplementation, we can achieve a better quality of life as we age.

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*Source: Men’s Health ©Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.



This is a useful basic hormone screening for those experiencing problems in physical & sexual vitality, weight issues as well as pre-menstrual symptoms for females.

Unisex – $1,250

*(All rates are quoted before 7% GST)


This premium hormone screening, will screen for the levels of major hormones in our body. It is highly recommended especially for those above 40 years old.

Unisex – $1,500

*(All rates are quoted before 7% GST)

The packages also include the following specialized screens:

Nutrient Screen

This assesses the level of various vitamins and elements that are essential for optimal well being. Low levels of key nutrients are linked to increased incidence of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and anemia.

Inflammatory Marker Screen  

Most diseases including ischemic heart diseases, strokes and cancers are due to increased inflammation in the body. This panel will assess the levels of inflammation.

General Health Screening

This component will assess the Lipids, Fasting glucose, Liver & Renal function. Uric acid levels and major Cancer Markers.

Take control of your ageing process today, and lead a more fulfilling and healthier life, free of disabling medical conditions. 

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