Corporate Health screening in Singapore

Many companies in Singapore offer healthcare benefits and insurance policies to their employees. At Thomson Lifestyle Centre, we offer a wide range of different corporate health screening in Singapore packages for companies and individuals to choose from. As your welfare is our utmost priority, our screening packages comprise of different, comprehensive tests, allowing companies and individuals to pick the package that best suits their needs.

Our screening packages start from $310.50 for a basic health screening package, and $417.590 for a standard screening. These include several basic and vital checkups such as chest x-rays and a full medical examination, as well as a blood test to ensure that the components are in order. With the standard screening package, you ‘ll get a more in depth look into how the components  in your blood are faring.

corporate health screening

For more in depth health check-ups, especially with companies looking for corporate health screenings for older workers, Thomson Lifestyle centre offers more comprehensive packages. While employers do get to decide if their employees need more comprehensive packages, we do have recommended packages for those above a certain age.

In general, we recommend that the older the person, the more comprehensive a screening they should undergo. We’ll be glad to help you pick the right one to meet your needs if you are unsure of what you or your employees might need.

The details of our comprehensive corporate health screening packages differ, depending on the package. But they include tests and checks that are not included in either out basic or standard packages. These included tests include a total of three blood tests for different screenings and ultrasounds of the pelvis, bladder and thyroid. Of these our deluxe, premium and VIP screening packages also do include mammograms for women, which, at older ages, are strongly encouraged.

If you’re looking for corporate health screenings in Singapore, but are unsure about what you need or what you’ll require, it’s best to contact a professional who will be able to guide you along.